Lies of Casey Anthony Exposed

By Bryan Levine
[email protected]

In the case of Florida v. Casey Anthony, the state has made it their mission to prove that Casey Anthony is a liar. Only testimony of her lies have been provided by witnesses thus far. The difference between Thursday and the previous seven days is that Thursday, the jury finally got to hear actual recordings of the lies Anthony told.

The day took a turn for the interesting when lead investigator Detective Yuri Melich returned to the stand and testified about the days immediately following the infamous 911 calls placed on July 15, 2008.

Melich re-created the trail of lies and deceit Casey Anthony led him down in 2008. He said Anthony provided him with multiple names and addresses of people who could possibly be involved in the “kidnapping” of her two year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Upon investigating these names and addresses, Melich said he found that all the information Anthony provided him with was false.

Melich revealed that the woman Anthony said was Caylee’s nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, had never event met the family. Anthony also gave the detective the names of two co-workers from Universal Studios, claiming that she vented about her situation to these two people while at work. Just like Anthony, neither of these people were working at Universal Studios at the time of Caylee’s disappearance.

Melich was unable to locate any of the three people Anthony had named as relevant to the case. Anthony agreed to meet him at Universal Studios to help clear up the inconsistencies in her story.

Melich testified that the security guards at the theme park did not recognize Anthony, who intended to lead detectives to her office. After walking into an irrelevant building, Anthony turned around and finally admitted she did not work there.

State attorney, Linda Burdick, then played the recording of an interrogation session held in a conference room on park grounds. This was the first time the jury heard these lies directly from the defendant.

“I would not have let anything happen to my daughter. Except I made the mistake of trusting another person with her. That’s it.” said Anthony during the interview.

That response outraged all of the detectives in the room as they pointed out the many mistakes she made during her testimony.

“I’ve had to sit down with mothers whose kids have drowned in swimming pools.” said one of the detectives questioning Anthony. “And then I’ve also had to deal with people who have done horrible, unspeakable things to children. And then lied about it and lied about it and lied about it.”

Even after being confronted about her lies, Anthony still stuck to most of her stories. The biggest lie she told may have been the fact that she hadn’t seen her daughter since June 9. She has since changed her story, to what is believed to be the truth, June 16.

Casey eventually volunteered access to her cell phone and computer following hours of interrogation. These two pieces of evidence did not back up her statements, and helped the detectives unravel some of the truth.