The State of Florida v. Casey Anthony: Day 7

By Elliot Sumner
[email protected]

“Are you Dick Tracy of Orlando?”

That was the first question defense attorney Jose Baez asked detective Yuri Melich on the witness stand during cross-examination Wednesday. The strange inquiry drew an immediate objection and prompted Judge Perry to ask the jury to leave the courtroom.

Baez contended that his remarks referred to Melich’s blog posts during his investigation of Casey Anthony.

Baez tried to enter copies of Melich’s blog as evidence, including one post that stated, “A missing person case is akin to a murder investigation without a body.” Baez attempted to discredit Melich as a credible witness and show that his investigation of Anthony was biased.

Judge Perry determined that Melich’s blog was inadmissible before calling the jury back into the court.

Melich read out loud Anthony’s police statement from July 15, 2008 during his testimony, which stated that she last saw her daughter Caylee on June 9, 2008 when she had dropped her off at the nanny’s apartment. The report also stated that Anthony had been conducting her own investigation.

Deputies Rendon Fletcher and Adriana Acevedo testified that Anthony reported that her daughter had been missing for 31 days and that she had been kidnapped by her nanny.

Anthony agreed to take the deputies to Sawgrass Apartments where the nanny supposedly lived but the apartment was empty and vacated for some time.

Lee Anthony, the brother of Casey Anthony also testified about the events of July 15, 2008, stating that he went to the home of Cindy and George Anthony after he received a phone call from his mother about a confrontation between her and his sister. He described the women “very combative” over the whereabouts of Caylee.

“Why can’t I or someone else from the family pick up or see Caylee?” Lee Anthony asked Casey.

Casey replied, “Maybe I’m just a spiteful bitch.”