The State of Florida v. Casey Anthony: Day 6

By Nikki Namdar
Special to Valencia Voice

Evidence in support of the defense team’s theory of accidental drowning began to mount Tuesday as Cindy Anthony took the stand.

Cindy Anthony admitted during cross-examination that on June 16, 2008, she told co-workers that someone was swimming in her pool that day.

“I found a ladder on the pool and the gate opened,” she said. “It wasn’t one of us so I thought it could be someone else. I told my supervisor that someone was swimming in my pool.”

Cindy Anthony also said she recalls taking the ladder down the previous day, after she and Caylee were done swimming.

Aphrodite Jones, host of the television show “True Crime” on the Discovery Channel, says that the story may be starting to unravel as being the truth.

“The fact that she says to her co-workers that on the day Caylee allegedly died … that’s the day that she suspected someone was swimming in her pool … You have Casey desperately trying to get in touch with her mom and she can’t,” said Jones.

Cindy said on the stand that she never asked to meet Caylee’s father or any of the babysitters allegedly caring for the child. Cindy also said she allowed her 25-year-old daughter to live at home completely rent-free.

“It strikes me as partially odd,” said Jones.”Maybe what defense put out there was real,” she said, adding that maybe “Casey was living in a dream world.”