Day 5: Casey cries as mom testifies

By Bryan Levine
[email protected]

The Casey Anthony murder trial resumed for a half day session on Saturday, with Anthony’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, taking the stand to continue his testimony. Lazzaro was dating Anthony in mid-2008 during the time Anthony allegedly murdered her two year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Lazzaro, in addition to 20 other character witnesses, claims that Anthony demeanor had not changed in the month after Caylee had supposedly drowned. Saturday was Lazzaro’s third time on the stand.

The state showed evidence that Anthony, with Lazzaro, rented movies from Blockbuster on the same night Caylee allegedly drowned. Video footage shown on the second day of the trial confirmed Lazarro’s testimony.

Text messages between the couple from the morning of July 16, 2008 were also entered into evidence. The messages reveal Anthony talking about how her daughter is missing and hoping that Caylee is still alive. Anthony told Lazzaro that she’s “the worst (expletive) person in the whole world” and admitted to lying to the people around her for months.

Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, also took the stand for the first time of the trial, leading to an emotional display by Casey, who began to cry uncontrollably during a recess mid-way through her mother’s testimony.

Cindy Anthony spent over an hour testifying about events such as her daughter’s pregnancy and looking at pictures from the Anthony’s home, finishing with testimony of the time surrounding Caylee’s disappearance.

Cindy testified that a detachable ladder provides access to the family’s above ground pool, but is always detached and placed on the side of the house when the pool is not in use. She also says the ladder is too heavy for Caylee to have been able to move on her own.

Casey told her mother that she and Caylee were staying with a nanny from June 16-21, and checked in with her mother via regular telephone calls. Cindy testified that she did not speak to Caylee once during that time period.

Time ran out before the state could question Cindy Anthony about the events that directly led to her call to 911 on July 15. The defense will have a chance to cross-examine Cindy when the trial resumes on Tuesday, May 31.