Venezuelans at Valencia rally to support homeland with SOS program


Leslie Rodriguez / Valencia Voice

Students gathered in on West campus to raise awareness on the situation in Venezuela.

News of Venezuela has been splashing across various outlets, showing that the country is in serious trouble. ‘SOS Venezuela’ was an event created to bring awareness to the students and faculty of Valencia College, about what is happening in the country. The goal is to bring light to the struggle that the Venezuelan people are going through at this moment.

On Feb. 12, Venezuelan students showed the courage to stand up to the government in a peaceful protest in which the government retaliated with force. The people of Venezuela were even using social media outlets, such as Twitter, to make the world aware of their situation. However, the government shut it down along with news stations in the country.

Professor Luz Rodriguez, who teaches Latin American and African American Humanities, spoke on Venezuela’s rising issues. She brought up the facts of Venezuela’s increase in inflation by 56% and how crime like corruption, nepotism, and government inefficiency is prevalent in the country.

Rodriguez went on to introduce her student Angel Sanchez, she explained how he was the only one of her students to come up to her and actually ask about what was happening in Venezuela.

Sanchez who is Cuban and Venezuelan, explained on how the Trayvon Martin march back in 2012 inspired him to do something that would make a difference. He and Professor Rodriguez wanted students to realize that they do have the power to make a difference in the world, that they should be questioning everything and be concerned.

Thinking of what the students in Venezuela did and are still doing, even with the danger that they are putting themselves in Sanchez asked himself, “Would I have the courage to do that? Would you stand up like that?” which also had many students who attended this event in thought.

“We are going to honor them by being mindful and wanting to find out what happened today.” added Sanchez. “It’s about coming here today and finding out what’s going on.”

(Taken from April 2, 2014 issue)