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    Relationships go digital

    By Victor Ocasio
    [email protected]

    With a world that has quickly become so dominated by technology and wireless communication, the frame in which human interaction can occur has shifted and changed dramatically with these many advancements.

    In the past if you needed to get a hold of someone in a hurry, one would simply call the number of the person they were trying to reach. Now multiple people and multiple conversations are only one group text message away.

    And while this and many other communication options offer a wide variety of services and trouble-shooting in the business and educational field, things that are much more personal, like finding out someone’s marital status are only one Facebook info check away as well.

    Keep going down this track and it is easy to see how in our modern world online dating has become a common alternative to the randomness and uncertainty of a local bar or club scene.

    With so many of the popular dating sites laying claim to “perfect matches” and accurate personality surveys, the idea that meeting that special someone is only a few web pages away can be quite alluring, especially to a demographic that is having to work harder and longer in these tough economic times.

    There is something that is a bit awkward though about talking to complete strangers over the Internet with the hope of a possible spark or eventual relationship. Consider for instance that the only reason you are even talking to this person is based on the statistical data gathered from the survey or questionnaire they filled out.

    People tend to be less honest with themselves when it could mean the difference between finding that special someone or checking an empty inbox.

    On the other hand, these sites do offer something that a bar or club cannot; the certainty that the people on the site are looking for someone whether it be for a long term relationship or something more playful.

    The real question presented is can there be a guarantee that you will find the love of your life on one of these web sites? According to many, if not all of these services, your statistical odds are greater. But in the opinion of this writer, I would say your odds are just as good as they would be anywhere else given that love truly has an erratic and unpredictable nature.

    Whatever your method, be it online or in person, always remember that the shock of new love is blinding and true compatibility comes with the tests of time.

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