Movie producer looks to locals pocketbooks for ‘The Muse’ film expenses

Matthew Carroll’s inspired passion project “The Muse,” is a short film that’s been under development for three and a half years. Now this determined director is looking for donors to help bring his vision to life.

“I’m putting my blood, sweat, and tears into this and wrapping everything up in my soul,” said Carroll, the writer, producer and director for “The Muse.”

“The Muse” will follow the story of a young girl named Rose, who wants to help solve her parents financial problems after she overheard an argument that threatens to divide their family. She escapes to a fantasy world to find answers, and discovers a traveling troupe of street performers that work to help her.

The overall tone of “The Muse” will be a balance of fantasy and reality, happiness and sadness, and how we accept the world for what it is by using joy and positive relationships to cope with harsh truths we encounter.

Carroll finds inspiration as a screenwriter and director from Terry Gilliam, who is known for his visually creative production style on feature films such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Brazil,” and “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.”

This film project is personal for Carroll as the film’s leading character Rose is based off his long estranged half-sister whom he lost contact with over the years due to deep-seated family issues.

“The Muse” will be shot on-location of historic parts of Central Florida, and will feature local actors and production members. To ensure this benefit; Carroll, and the production company he co-founded, Ragtag Troupe Productions, are looking to raise $16,750 to cover production costs and allow all cast and crewmembers to be paid for their work. Currently the film has raised $2,245, with an overall deadline to raise the rest of the money needed by April 9.

“The Muse” is supported by the concept that an independent film of this nature should support the local community.

Helping Carroll on the production side of this film is Amy Jo Bursley, the other co-founder of Ragtag Troupe Productions and unit production manager for “The Muse.” When asked why people should support independent film projects like this Bursley said, “I think supporting the independent film industry really helps develop artists and gets them to another place.”

Some of the local actors involved with this production include Roger Floyd, Sage Starkey, Candace Doerner, Bill Warriner, Alexander Mrazek, Jennifer Bonner, Anthony LoPrinzi, and the young actress Keely Wilson, who is set to play the part of Rose.

Shooting is scheduled to begin on May 4, and take place during eight days over a two-week period, with a slight break in-between and days for contingency.

Updated information on “The Muse” can be found by following Ragtag Troupe Production’s Facebook page, and you can support this film project by donating to their GoFundMe page at this link.

(Taken from March 12, 2014 issue)