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Getting into good habits

By Maraya Figueroa
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When students graduate from high school to college there are many changes that must be made. In high school there were multiple assignments, homework, projects, tests and extra credit provided. In college it’s a whole different story. The majority of the grades depend on tests and there is little room for big mistakes.

If you weren’t a great test taker in high school you have to either adapt and learn how to study or fail. Sometimes students can’t adapt, and it’s not because of their intelligence or because the professor’s are out to get them.

The simple answer is that they just don’t know how to study, manage their time, or how to keep a consistent study pace.

At Valencia’s East campus there was a skill shop provided called “10 Highly Effective Study Habits” on Wednesday, March 16 with Professor Anna Saintil.

“I teach education classes and student success classes. I enjoy doing skill shops and I get to interact with students outside of my classroom,” said Saintil.

This wasn’t just a lecture but a session that got students interacting and realizing what their weaknesses were. The session started off with asking students what one word described their study habits.

“My word is crazy. I want to learn how to isolate my thoughts,” said Esther Nova.

Brad Odell said, “My word is inconsistent. It’s hard putting time in being able to study.”

The most common problem student’s have is time management. “Make a schedule you can stick to but take breaks when you need to. Keep healthy and balanced. Don’t stress out because it eats at the brain and that’s what happens when you cram,” said Saintil.

Rewards are great, make short-term goals because it’s much easier to reach and better at encouraging you to continue.

Don’t just study when you have a test. Continuously look over, outline and rewrite your notes. Another tip that can help is memory games like acronyms or affiliations with certain subjects.

“You need to know what to bring and what to study,” certain objects in the room such as phones, computers, T.V, or games can be distracting. “You want a great location that doesn’t distract you” said Saintil.

If you prefer to study in your room don’t get too comfortable such as studying on your bed. Then studying doesn’t appear as enticing. Next thing you know is it’s already ten in the morning and there is a pile of drool on your books and notes.

Procrastinating is a big issue. Everyone has done it at one point or another, so try this: “do what you have to do now and what you want later” said Saintil.

“What are the questions you need to ask about studying? What is your approach and attitude towards studying?” Students may not realize it but attitude can make a difference. If you approach something thinking the task at hand is impossible then you make it impossible for yourself.

Find ways to believe it’s not impossible because in reality it’s not. Studying isn’t an intimidating monster wanting to bring you down; it’s supposed to be a technique to help you succeed.

Make time, don’t procrastinate, don’t cram, review your notes when you can, think about where you’re studying, change your attitude into a positive one, set short-term goals, if you have a problem figure out where your weakness is coming from, don’t stress, and really learn what you’re being taught, don’t just memorize.

There is no secret that can help you acquire the grade you want. The motivation comes from you. Push yourself to study and get involved.

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