Concert review: Danny Brown rocks out half empty Plaza Live venue

I guess Danny Brown was right on Twitter, when he informed a fan that probably no girls would actually get on stage and reenact what went down at his show in Minnesota this past April.

The 32-year-old Detroit native took the stage full of energy and never looked back. Decked out in a pair of his famous red skinny jeans, black hoodie and traditional wild hair, Brown hit the stage with a cup half full of some brown liquid, and did not let the crowd size affect his performance Wednesday night as he rocked a half-empty Plaza Live Theatre.

Brown got the crowd going early opening with opening singles off of his breakout album “XXX.” The Bruiser Brigade member performed for roughly an hour, backed by his DJ, SKYWLKR.

It was only due time until Danny Brown stuck out his tongue, showing his gap teeth, and raised his left arm with a devil-horn rock salute.

Through out the night Brown performed a good mix of older material, while mixing in some new material off of his latest album “Old.” Singles like “Income Tax Swag,” “Wit It” and “Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)” allowed the audience to sing along, and records like “Handstand” and “Dip” allowed them to dance completely off beat the entire night.

Taking crowd interaction to the next level, Brown encouraged fans to “spark up a blunt, and pass it up to me” before getting into single “Blunt After Blunt.” Before he could even finish his sentence, audience members began holding up what appeared to be joints, and Brown had no problem taking them off their hands and getting a quick puff before returning them.

Brown was accompanied by two opening acts:  Orlando-native female MC MyVerse and South Florida rapper Eric Biddines. Biddines did enough to be remember, as the southern rapper poked fun at his $12 pants, which got the crowd to be able to relate to him. During one song, the artist even attempted to pay homage to the late-great Marvin Gaye, sampling “T Plays It Cool.”

Brown and his squeakily voice has made plenty of stops to the Orlando area this year, and I am sure this will not be last come the future — once it’s all said and done and he is done rapping, Brown made a joke that this may even become his home one day.

“I love Orlando,” stated Brown. “When I retire I’m gone come out here and be that old freaky motherfucka on a boat.”

Brown has a few more stops in his Florida trek, stopping in Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg and Miami this weekend.

(Photos from the night)