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Same character, different name

By Charmayne Knox
[email protected]

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston starred in a romantic comedy called “Just Go With It.” Released this past Friday, it was based on a movie from 1969 called “Cactus Flower.”

Danny Maccabee, played by Adam Sandler, plays his usual role as the used and abused everyman who finally figures out a way to sleep with as many women as he wants with no emotional repercussions; this time, by wearing a wedding band.

Danny gets used to the lies after a while, until he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). Upon their first meeting, Danny discovers that Palmer is the kind of tall, young, blond Amazon that he is looking for and they fall for each other immediately. The problem is, she finds his wedding band in his pocket and he soon finds himself in need of a fake ex-wife to cover his very sloppy tracks. Thankfully, his receptionist, Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) is a divorcee with two very real children who were pleased to fill in where he needed them.

Katherine’s daughter, Maggie is an 11-year-old amateur actress whose main concern was to practice her craft in any chance she got. Katherine’s son, Michael, on the other hand, is a single minded six-year-old of few words. Danny, having been put under pressure by Palmer, accidentally renames his daughter “Keke D”, his son “Bart” and his wife “Devlin” after a fake friend from college with a well known name amongst her two children.

The first meeting with Danny’s “family” is just as awkward as one would expect with Maggie improvising a British accent. It seemed that the longer the story dragged on, the more complicated and ridiculous the lies became.

Movie-goer Ursula Ivy said, “I thought it was good! I like Adam Sandler movies.”

Her daughter, Tyra Ivy said, “I liked it a lot! It was very funny.”

However, some people are not fans of Sandler. “All his movies are the same. He’s a jerk, he meets a girl, predictable ending. I’m not going to watch it,” UCF student Alex Vivaldi shared.

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