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Bieber Fever hits big screen

By Anna Gerrol
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Everyone knows what it’s like to be obsessed with a celebrity you’ve never met before. At one point in your life, you’ve confessed your undying love for that one singer or actor, and for many young girls, Justin Bieber is the boy of their dreams.

His documentary style film, “Never Say Never,” finally hit the big screen. Young girls across the country couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of “the most adorable kid ever,” according to 13-year-old Sophia Mansbach.

However, some people have asked, “Who is this kid and why is he so popular?”

“Never Say Never” tells the story of Justin Bieber, a 16-year-old pop sensation born and raised in Canada that burst onto the scene only 18 months ago. With honest interviews from his family, manager, stylist, supervisor, vocal coach, and some familiar faces such as Usher and Miley Cyrus, the movie goes through his life from where he began to where he is now. Home videos of Bieber when he first learned how to play numerous instruments, like the guitar and drums, are showed throughout. They also show the YouTube videos that helped Bieber get discovered by producer Scooter Braun. Within a year, Braun had already started working on Bieber’s debut album, “My World,” which included his first hit, “One Time.”

Footage from his September 2010 performance at Madison Square Garden, is also shown, which sold out in 20 minutes. These concert sequences are the real show stopper. With lasers, pyrotechnics, and a giant video screen in the background, there’s no way you won’t be amazed as you watch Bieber and his dancers bop through all the hits, from “Baby” to “Somebody To Love.” Since these shots were filmed in crystal clear 3D, they give you the illusion that you’re right there in the front row with Bieber serenading you.

This movie isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Most boys weren’t interesting in running to the theaters to see some teen heartthrob’s life story.

“I never really liked him. I don’t hate him, but I’m just not into it,” says 17 year old Joe Taufenegger.

Not all females were big fans of the film either.

“He’s not a bad singer and definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate that he receives, but I think that the people that would go see his movie are a younger audience,” 18 year old Amanda Tankel said.

This statement proves true, as the crowd consisted of mothers and their daughters, ages ranging from 6 to around 14. Bieber’s concerts resemble the same demographic.

But for the target population, “Never Say Never” is as good as they come; a highly-entertaining, in depth, behind the scenes look at one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

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