Valencia’s network disconnects

By Veronica Figueroa Benitez
[email protected]

I always see people complaining about the crappy Internet connection at the student lounge in building six and I sympathize with them. I used to be one of those students with the random two hour gap in between classes and I always wanted to put my time to good use by working on my laptop; well actually, I’d spent most of my time checking Facebook but that’s beside the point.

I traveled from the student lounge to building 11 numerous times in efforts of getting better Wi-Fi signal, but to no avail. It was slow everywhere. I quickly gave up on the mission of lugging my laptop around Valencia trying to connect to the Internet and eventually got a smart phone.

My Atlas email now gets forwarded to my Google email address and I have Facebook’s newsfeed bombarding my phone all day. I pretty much have the world on my fingertips. My battery dies faster than it did before but I’d rather carry around my charger to revive my cellphone, than carry around a laptop that can’t connect to the Internet. I will never again be the student that showed up to an empty classroom because they couldn’t check their email saying that class was cancelled for the rest of the week.

Another solution would be to go to the computer lab at the library but the chances of finding an available computer are slim. I would have to camp out in front of the library and rush to the doors when they opened at 7:30 in the morning in order to claim one.

I don’t know anything about Internet connection but seriously Valencia, man up and buy more routers. Get Geek Squad. Buy a tower. Do something.

Internet is an important part of our lives now, social networking obsession aside, and if we can barely even access our Atlas accounts, what is the point of even bringing a laptop to school.

I might as well start sending my professors owl mail. It’ll probably get there faster.