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SNL great Seth Meyers plays UCF

Ty Wright / Valencia Voice

ORLANDO — “Would you guys like to hear some of the jokes my sponsors won’t allow me to say on the ‘Weekend Update’?”

Saturday Night Live writer Seth Meyers quipped the night away in his raw, uncut, and vulgar standup comedy act on Monday, March 25 at the UCF Arena alongside fellow comedian Colin Jost.

The event was hosted by the school’s Campus Activity Board, who got the crowd involved early by having them tweet using the hashtag #SethMeyersUCF to be displayed on the big screen for everyone to see.

“Seth Meyers was perfect, I cried from laughing so many times,” said Giovanna Angulo, a UCF student in attendance. “It was a once in a lifetime thing plus it was free which I think made it even better.”

Meyers was in rare form Monday night. As they say, no one was safe as Myers discussed different topics ranging from politics, relationships, celebrities, his personal life and stereotypical “college activities” such sex and alcohol.

“All they’re going to talk about on Sunday is how funny I am,” joked Meyers as he described his first time meeting President Barack Obama at the White House correspondent dinner, which came ironically one day before the raid of Osama Bin Laden.

“He told jokes in his speech, then I told jokes in my speech and he realized the people thought I was funnier,” said Meyers. “So what does he do to one up me and get the attention back on him? He put out a raid, so there it is you can thank me for killing the man no one could find for years.”

Not including his final jokes which were too “risqué” for SNL, a feat I did not think was possible, one could tell Meyers took a vast amount of time preparing. He made sure to include jokes that could only work in Orlando while he focused on storytelling versus the setup and punchline scheme.

The show started nearly on time as Myers introduced Jost, who was off in the bathroom but failed to let anyone know. Jost held his own during his opening set, which was highlighted by his Facebook scheme he previously told on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Listening to Jost you would have thought he graduated college yesterday, as he was very relatable to the crowd at hand, poking fun at things like online dating, sex and boy band One Direction.

All and all it was a great evening, and who can beat the price of free? I would have even paid if I had to, and that’s saying a lot for someone who grew up watching black comedians.

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