“DC Universe Online” packs a punch

By Victor Ocasio
[email protected]

The world of Massively Multi-player Online games (MMO’s) has for years been dominated by the popular gaming sensation, “World of Warcraft.” But those looking for the same expansive, never-ending gameplay without the elves, orcs and veteran bad-mouthed players, will find a universe as familiar and action packed as the Saturday morning cartoons of their youth in Sony Online Entertainments newest title, “DC Universe Online” (DCUO).

Playable on both PC and PS3, it is the first action MMO in the history of online gaming to be offered on a home console. It features the responsive action controls and combo systems present in so many game titles with the familiar open world mission-based online community of an MMO.

Players jump right into the world of their favorite comic book characters and get to fight with (or against) such icons as Superman, Batman, or Lex Luthor. Players start off in one of two fictional cities, made famous by DC comics, depending on their chosen mentors and affiliated hero/villain: Metropolis or Gotham City.

The introductory story is over the top and epic. Brainiac and his army are bent on destroying all super humans and taking the earth for his own villainous doing. Players create characters endowed with special powers taken from the future in order to bolster Earth’s defenses. But what players choose to do with their newfound powers is up to them, for better or for worse.

As far as graphics are concerned, characters, locations and objects are rendered well and look outstanding in the game world and soars miles above the average run of the mill graphics that have come to be expected from other content heavy online games.

Gameplay runs smoothly and the mix of action-oriented controls and the heads-up display work so seamlessly that it may lead many players to wonder why the hybrid gaming style has never been attempted before.

Servers have been packed since the game’s release last week and have undergone few mandatory updates giving players eager to jump into the action the facilities needed to do so. With a constantly changing world, content should be no issue for even the most experienced gamer.

Fun, expansive, user friendly and addictive, “DC Universe Online” is a home-run that gamers and comic fans are sure to enjoy.