Where do you like it? Facebook status raise breast cancer awareness

By Taylor Weiss
[email protected]

While on Facebook the other night, I noticed my friend’s status saying “I like it on the couch.” After recovering from the shock, I looked around some more. It appeared that many of my female friend’s statuses said something similar. From “I like it on the floor,” to “I like it on the kitchen counter.” I couldn’t figure out why my friends and even some of my family members were writing what seemed to be vulgar status updates. Thanks to a friend, I soon figured out what was going on.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Last year during the month of October, girls started updating their statuses with random colors leaving most guys confused. The color on the girl’s status turned out to be the color of the bra they were wearing when they updated their status.

The status updates on the girls Facebook pages waere a clever way to increase awareness of this month and its importance. This year, the status is different but the goal is the same. By women updating their statuses, they will leave most guys confused, curious and looking for answers. Women are to write where they like to put their purse the moment they get home. This is a fun and creative way to raise awareness for an important issue like breast cancer.

By using such a well known social networking system like Facebook, the word is bound to get out fast. Posting these suggestive statuses gets a person interested, which makes them want to find out more, which is the whole purpose of breast cancer awareness month. Last years status updates about the color of your bra brought 140,000 new Facebook fans to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation’s fan page. It is still a mystery as to how the trend started but it is still going strong. No matter how crazy it may be, spreading the word about breast cancer is something we can all do.