Stay hydrated in the heat

Staying hydrated in the summer heat is a constant battle. A fourth heat wave in the already-steamy season will begin this week. With record breaking temperatures across the country and heat index values up to 100 degrees, staying hydrated is the main key to safely enjoy the summer. The following are tips to keep you hydrated in the heat:

    • Water, water, water: Having water in the morning and a bottled water with you throughout the day is essential. While exercising, be sure to drink water every 15 minutes, especially if you are outdoors.
    • Avoid caffeine and alcohols: Too many beers at a cookout and the constant fizzy drink can make you even more dehydrated than you were before gulping it down. Replace them with water or Gatorade, which is full of electrolytes to refuel you.
    • Dress appropriately: Light colored, loose fitting clothes made of cotton are beneficial because they are breathable.
    • Sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher will protect you from harmful UV rays.

Be aware of the symptoms of dehydration in order to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Common symptoms include:

    • Muscle cramps
    • Dry mouth
    • Dark urine
    • Inability to produce tears
    • Hollow eyes
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Extreme thirst

Infants, children, seniors and those on medication are the most at-risk to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Proper hydration is the key to stay safe when temperatures are high.