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Pixar shakes things up with ‘Brave’

After decades of work, Pixar finally created something they hadn’t before – an independent, tough young woman. It also doesn’t end with the same love related ending, which is intriguing.

Expecting previews, Pixar instead does what the second thing they’re known for: short stories. La Luna surrounded three generations of men who change the shape of the moon by cleaning stars that encompass the moon. It focuses on the lessons of hard work and being open to new ideas and opportunities.

Brave surrounds a young princess named Merida, constantly being hassled by her mother on how to be a princess, but she’d rather be in the woods and do what she loves: archery. Determined to get her way, Princess Merida goes to a witch to do the only thing she can – change her destiny.

Archery has been a central theme this year; included in Hunger Games, Snow White, the Huntsman and even Game of Thrones.

“It was hilarious,” Baraba Whim said. “I had high expectations, they reached them and went even beyond.”

Although it is not Pixar’s best movie, it is one of the most visually appealing. It has remarkable details, because the central setting is a castle surrounded by forests, it gave Pixar a wide range of creativity.

Not only is it a coming of age story, it also plays the mother and daughter relationship and emphasizes on the bond between them. Which is surprising, since Disney tends to lean towards fathers rather than mothers.

Not common in Pixar movies, Brave had a few parts of scenes that were in slow motion, accentuating that particular moment, allowing you to watch it up close and detailed.

Set in the vikings era, they were scottish, but watching the movie just reminds me how the accent is anything but pleasant. Certain words such as ‘bow’ or ‘you’ would grab my attention and confuse me.

“I liked how it focused on the mother/daughter relationship,” Romi Garcia said. “It also shows how outdated arranged marriages are and how we should all be able to marry who we love.”

The movie’s core is Merida, but her three young brothers stole the show. Their intelligence and manipulative behavior at such a young age sparked laughter that was often surprising.

Brave grabbed laughs as well as tears and left you walking out of the theatre wanting to hug your parents in appreciation.

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