Half-baked hijinks fall flat with ‘High School’

1 ½ stars 

What do you get with a movie about high school and weed? An actor’s biggest mistake.‘High School’ surrounds a senior, Henry, who not only plans to be the valedictorian, but also has a scholarship to MIT. One day, he reunites with a childhood friend, Travis, who introduces him to marijuana. Only to find out that their uptight principal decides to run a drug test for every student and those who fail will be expelled.

Desperate to not lose his scholarship, Henry and Travis take on a bold plan to somehow get the entire school high on marijuana. Surprisingly, the cast had more stars than necessary, such as Adrian Brody, who played the crazy drug dealer who also happened to be a child prodigy.

It took me just about until the end of the movie to realize that Michael Chiklis was in fact playing the stereotypical strict principal that wanted everything to be orderly and in his control. Although, he had some inappropriate feelings towards his secretary which was the difference between this principal and one from a Disney TV show.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Nathan Vernean said. “I liked that they had a lot of running jokes that went through the whole movie.”

There was an unnecessary nudity scene purposely used to attract a certain audience. The ending, of course was happy yet implausible. The low budgeting was obvious due to the fact that the main character’s black eye throughout the movie seemed to be shifting and at times faded away only to come back more profound.

“I thought it was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing,” Judy Host said. “The drug dealer was really funny, I couldn’t even tell it was Adrian Brody.”

The moral of the film seemed to be about friendship in high school and the reality of how high school may seem more important than it actually is. However, it boggles my mind how this movie would attract any well-known actor, let alone a Academy Award winner.