App of the Week: Circle Me

With the success of Facebook and Twitter, it seems as though other social networking sites are trying to climb their way to the top. “Circle Me” is an aspiring social network that revolves around connecting with others based on shared interests.

To start off, you create a login or can sign up through Facebook. It allows you to import your ‘likes’ from Facebook, Foursquare, Netflix or Goodreads, and also gives suggestions that you can add, such as Pottermore, Hans Zimmer, and Christian Dior.

The next step is editing your profile, which is detailed down to font and even color. You can make a status according to what you’re interested in, such as a book you’re reading or a TV show that you enjoy.

Interests are divided into sections such as places, music, passions or heroes. It additionally categorizes them into most popular and featured likes.

You can connect with other users by email or based on common interests you both like. Facebook is one way friends can be invited as well.

There is what they call “planting,” which allows you to leave a comment at a restaurant that you enjoyed or “plant” a comment on a film you saw at a movie theater. You can also be alerted when people “plant” similar interests around your local area.

As well as on the internet, this app is available for iOs systems, is free, and unlike Facebook or Twitter, allows you to interact with people based on mutual hobbies or interests. “Circle Me” appears to be changing the way social networks are used in a significant way.