Disney’s ‘Chimpanzee’ shows how wonderful nature is

4 out of 5 stars
The idea of a movie about a  chimpanzee doesn’t seem very appealing at first, but throw in an extraordinary act of nature and Tim Allen and you have an entertaining film. “Chimpanzee” is about a baby chimp named Oscar who endures very difficult challenges at a young age, culminating in an unexpected act of compassion rarely seen in nature.

The orchestral music — along with a 1940s inspiration — helps keep the viewer engaged by dictating the mood of each scene. Tim Allen, the narrator, contributes a great deal to the movie by matching dialogue and jokes with chimpanzee actions that sync up as if the primate’s thought were being broadcast to the audience.

“I liked that it was natural and it didn’t feel staged,” said Joe Fillipelli. “I expected it to switch to another animal, but they did a good job.”

The fact that Disney made this movie is not doubted, especially when there are references to The Lion King, such as the name of the villain chimpanzee, Scar, or the memorable sun setting in the jungle.

“I thought it was very funny and cute,” said Joanna Wiatt. “Disney did a great job keeping people entertained.”

The plot encircled the possible battle between Freddy, the leader of Oscar’s group, versus Scar, whose group was much larger. It was a mere 78 minutes and expectedly so; any longer than that and movie-goes would have probably become bored or restless.

“‘Chimpanzee’ was really well-done,” said Kyle Bunt. “I expected it to actually be boring, but it was excellent.”

“Chimpanzee” hits all the right points to get to a viewer’s heart, with laughter, sadness and even a “Home Improvement” reference from Allen. It gives you a glimpse of how strange and wonderful nature is, leaving you with a tingling feeling of hope.