App of the Week: StudyBlue

With final exams right around the corner, studying at all times seems necessary. StudyBlue app allows you to digitally create flashcards that you can study on the go.

There are options to make flashcards for different classes. When studying, you can choose to study a ‘deck,’ which randomly selects a group of cards from a specific class.

Each card that pops up shows a question, and with a swiping motion allows the card to flip, showing the answer. Then it reveals if the question was answered correctly and keeps score.

At the end a grade based on how many were answered right is displayed, and it also allows you to study all of the cards or just the ones you missed.

If you were to stop at a specific card, it can be saved and returned to later. You can also search online for flashcards made by other StudyBlue users, and even interact with fellow classmates.

There is an option for allowing the app to send prompts reminding you to study, with a limit of 30 prompts a month. Offline studying is available.

StudyBlue is compatible with iOS and Android systems, and requires a StudyBlue account. It’s free to use, but upgrades cost $10 per month. StudyBlue makes studying mobile and lighter on the backpack.