Surf expo showcases beachwear trends

By Olivia Pullinger
Valencia Voice

Manufacturers and retailers in the beach and fashion industry gathered at the Orange County Convention Center this weekend to exhibit their clothing and (for some) to showcase their designs in a variety of fashion shows, all a part of the bi-annual Surf Expo. The fashion shows were divided into separate categories featuring swimwear, boutique, board shorts, and beachwear.

Several models walked the runway sporting a variety of designers, many of which featured beachy, flowy fabrics and everything from whites and pastels to bright, eyecatching jewel tones. Although there were over 20 designers featured between the swim and boutique categories, California-based company PJ Salvage seemed to be an overwhelming favorite with the models. “I just love the feeling of the material,” Model Alicia Vela-Bailey said of the terrycloth ensemble she wore. “It’s very comfortable.” PJ Salvage was originally founded in 1996, making a name for themselves among celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Britney Spears, and selling mostly pajamas and loungewear. As of this year, however, the company has expanded its line to include beachwear, children’s clothing, and a vast array of active-wear.

The company’s main selling point is that the clothing is easy to wear. Their philosophyis “fashion and comfort 24/7.” “It’s all about the high-quality fabrics and the prints,” representative Jodi Keyes said while displaying a colorful and chic sundress with a matching toddler-sized counterpart.

The age old debate of comfort vs. style continues to plague a large majority
of women, and comfort has always seemed to be a non-existent concept in the world of fashion, lost in a sea of 6-inch stilettos and itchy hair extensions. This predicament stems from the assumption
that we must choose between the two. Most women don’t realize that the option of comfort is available to them. Contrary to that belief, the looks displayed on this week’s runway were flowing, feminine, and chic, while still being easy to wear. With lines like P.J Salvage’s and tees from designers like Ed Hardy becoming increasingly popular, it seems that comfort is making a comeback in everyday fashion.