App of the Week: Paper

Need an app that allows you to captures your ideas? Paper by Fifty Three is a simple yet practical app that consists of journals that allow you to express your creativity with sketches, drawings, notes, diagrams, etc.

To start off, it consists of three different journals; the first one, called ‘Making Paper,’ is filled with drawings and sketches that you can erase or modify. It comes with eight different colors, a brush and an eraser. You can make an endless amount of different journals, with options on what they should be titled and what the cover should look like. You can delete pages, or an entire journal as a whole.

The brush that comes with it is called the Fountain Pen; the faster you draw, the thicker the line will become. You can buy up to four other brushes that have different textures, which can be tested before purchase. Each brush alone is $1.99 but the entire pack of four is $7.99.

A cool factor in this app is the erasing process. To undo mistakes, just hold two fingers to the screen then move them counter-clockwise in a circular motion to reverse what you’ve drawn. Other than drawing, you can make lists, create diagrams or a storyboard, outline presentations and many other things.

This app is free, and although it might not have the authentic feel and smell of a journal, it’s a great way to quickly jot down ideas that spontaneously come to mind. Completed sketches can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites.

Available only on the iPad, this might convince people to either buy the iPad or make it popular enough to become compatible with other systems.