App of the Week: Draw Something

Ever been a fan of Pictionary? Draw Something is a mobile version of the game that enables you to play against other Draw Something users all over the world. According to its creators, OMGPOP, Draw Something is the number one word game app in 40 different countries.

It is easy to sign up; just use an email and create a username so other players can identify you. There are options whether you want to play someone by searching by their Draw Something username, through facebook, email or there is a Random button option to play against any other Draw Something user.

You can save your games with different opponents and go back to them later. There is a choice between three different words to draw. They vary by difficulty and the more difficult, the higher the points earned. If you do not like those words, you can refresh the list and choose between three others.

When it is your turn to guess, you have 12 different letters to choose from that could possibly spell the word, which makes it a lot easier and faster than pulling them out of thin air.

It includes four different sized brush strokes, erasers and a variety of colors. When you earn points you can use them to buy more colors, or bombs, which are used when you get stuck on a drawing. It will eliminate some of the letters, narrowing down the options of what the word is, ultimately making it easier to determine what the answer is.

The app comes in a free version and a $.99 version, although the only difference is that the paid version contains no advertisements, 400 coins and five other bomb options. It’s available for iPhones and Androids, and is easily one of the most addicting games out there.