App of the Week: Angry Birds Space

One of the most popular apps of all time is now beyond this world. Angry Birds Space is the sequel to the original Angry Birds, created by Rovio. This app has all the basic features, but with a new theme and challenges.Reminiscent of Mario Galaxy, Angry Birds Space features green little pigs stacked between wood, steel or ice; the objective — to destroy the pigs — is the same. There are different tools like debris that float throughout, which can create its own gravity level, and if used right can manipulate where your birds float.

As you play the different levels, new types of gravity are introduced, and new strategies become required to learn to hit the pigs and maneuver where your bird goes. There are new birds introduced in the game, such as Super Red Bird, which can be operated as a grenade, triggering when tapped; the Ice Bomb Bird, which freezes the pigs and allows them to be destroyed on the next turn; and then there is the Lazer Bird which alters its path as it flies and speeds up.

The game is equipped with 60 levels divided into two categories: Pig Bang and Cold Cuts. Finding the hidden golden egg can unlock various levels, and there is a category called Danger Zone which you can purchase within the app that includes an extra 30 levels.

Available for iOS and Androids, it is also sold for PCs on Rovio’s website and for Macs in the Apple Store. Angry Birds Space allows you to play anywhere, and the price varies per system. It’s still as addicting as the original, and includes the basic Angry Birds with a new spin that keeps users coming back for more.