Spring Break

It’s every college students favorite time of the year, spring break. It’s also one of Florida’s favorite times of the year, as colleges students across the nation fly or drive down to have fun at one of the many cities the peninsular has to offer.

Over 1.5 million students go on spring break each year. With that, there are a variety of ideal places to spend spring break in Florida. The most well-known destination is of course Panama City. Especially with St. Andrews Park which has 1.260 acres of beautiful beaches, wetlands, and natural coastal dunes. There’s also 18,000 hotel rooms prepared for any college student that wants to visit.

With the help of MTV, Daytona has grabbed attention as a spring break getaway. Not only is the coastal community a hot spot, there’s nightlife like clubs Razzles and Ocean Deck, along with half-a-dozen concerts in mid-March which are located at local bars in the area.

If spring-breakers have amusement parks and attractions in mind, Orlando is the right place. The city is well-known for Islands of Adventure, which features the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Orlando, Seaworld and the waterpark known as Aquatica. There are an abundance of places to have fun. Those who want to tap into their inner-child go to Disney World; it’s not too far from Cocoa Beach, and Church Street in downtown Orlando is perfect to find a great party or club.

South Beach Miami has become a great spring break destination. Not only is the beach one of the most noticeable in Florida, Lincoln Road is rimmed with trendy shops and restaurants, and has nightlife.

Ft. Lauderdale offers a different way to have fun. It’s not as upscale as Miami, but it does offer great nightlife, with a legendary-to-Florida two-story party bar including a deck and patio called the Elbo Room.

Surrounded by water and endless beaches, Key West is also an attractive place for spring break. Once tired of spending a day at the beach, Duval Street is the place to let loose, and guarantees a night of interesting stories to tell the next day.

The Florida Keys and Wekiva Springs are enjoyable destinations that offer time to spend in the sun and enjoy night-activities.

Florida is a state that offers a variety of places to go and ways to have fun. The most important thing about spring break is to be safe. Have fun, but also act responsibly.