App of the week: Where’s My Water

“Angry Birds” was the most popular app last year, but it might be time for it to step down from the thrown. “Where’s My Water?” was released by Disney this past September and the name itself is compelling enough to try the game out.In “Where’s My Water?” there’s an alligator named Swampy, and being more like a human than an actual alligator, he enjoys being clean and taking baths. As a result, Cranky (another more terrifying alligator) and friends’ motives are to sabotage the water pipes in an attempt to stop the supply of fluid for Swampy’s house.

With 80 challenging levels spread out into four different worlds, the objective is to find a way for the water to reach Swampy’s pipes, which eventually reaches his bathtub. The player uses gravity, momentum, angles and even scratching dirt off the pipes to control where the water ends up. Your score is based on the amount of time it takes to finish the level, the amount of ducks obtained and a bonus for water overflow.

In each level there are three ducks to pick up using diverted water. This can unlock bonus levels and rewards that are hidden in dirt and other places. Rewards can include a loofah or a toothbrush. There are also obstacles like acid that turns the water toxic (making it unusable for Swampy), mines and even plants that can steal the precious H20.

”Where’s My Water?” gets tougher as the levels increase, forcing players to calculate and measure the best way to allow the water to reach Swampy’s pipes. A benefit of the app is that it is family-friendly and available for any type of audience. Available for the iPhone and Android systems for 99 cents, this game will not disappoint fans of puzzle challenges.