Creative lovers of fandom unite

There is a place where people come together to celebrate their passions for comics, anime, video games, costume design, and more. MegaCon, the largest comic, sci-fi, video game and anime convention in Florida was held this last weekend, Feb. 17-19, at the Orange County Convention Center. This convention hosts many discussion panels and tons of shops, artists, collectors, and contests.

MegaCon was sponsored by Funimation Entertainment, Students of the Unusual, CGCC Comics, and many more. The show room was much larger than in past years, and this time they decided to have three gigantic rooms filled entirely with booths. Even though there was more room to walk, the volume of people at the con was also larger than last year.

It is hard to not notice when MegaCon is in town because of the dozens of people dressed up in costumes ranging from Wonder Woman to characters from Scooby Doo wandering around outside the convention center. Since the convention does not have a specific theme, people can expect their favorite super heroes or villains to show up along with characters from TV shows and cartoons.

Many people come from all over the country to attend MegaCon. Some people come for the celebrities, and others come with friends or even come just to make new friends. MegaCon can also allow for people to be themselves, dress up, and act crazy for a weekend.

“MegaCon is so much fun. I’m always glad to see all of my convention friends and I was finally able to show off my Beastboy costume!” said Unique Michael, who was dressed as Beastboy from the TV show “Teen Titans.”

At MegaCon there are countless panels and signings available to the public, but for stars like comic book legend Stan Lee, or “Harry Potter’s” Tom Felton, advanced seating or payment for photographs and signing were necessary.

The bulk of the panels and celebrity appearances are held on Saturday, which is typically regarded as the best day to attend. The costume contest is also held on Saturday.

As soon as the sun goes down and the costume contest is over, the rave dance party begins. All the con-goers come out to dance, twirling glow sticks and dancing to techno music.

By the time Sunday rolls along, people are exhausted. Sunday makes the best day to relax, do some shopping and get some discounted merchandise.

“I had a great time, I am definitely coming again next year,” said first-timer, David Crooke, dressed as Kid Flash, “everyone is so fun and I love the attention.”