App of the Week: Temple Run

Most apps are usually fun, addicting, and time consuming. Temple Run is not only that, but also tests your ability to react quickly. Developed by Imangi Studios, this app is a game based around the concept that a character named Guy Dangerous (as well as other explorers) stole an idol. As a result, a group of demonic monkeys makes chase, which begins the Temple Run.

While you play, you will be faced with multiple obstacles, but the controls are pretty basic. Sliding your finger to the right makes a right turn, sliding left makes a left turn, down lets you slide, and sliding up jumps. To collect coins while you run, tilt the phone from side to side. This helps you move toward each side.

There is no finish line in the game; the object is to run as far as possible, collecting hundreds of coins each time, and with those coins you can get powerups. There are four powerups and unlocking each one will get you a new ability, such as invisibility, which allows you to deflect any obstacles for 30 seconds, and boost, which increases your speed for 1000 meters.

The graphics are high quality, and the environment looks like it was taken from an Indiana Jones movie. Temple Run is an app that keeps you at the edge of your seat, and promises to entertain, currently being the top grossing app on the iOS platform. The icing on the cake is it is now free to play and you can buy the coins to excel throughout the games.

Currently available only for iOS systems, such as the iPhone and iPad, Temple Run will be available for the Android within the next month.