Spies face-off to find love

3 stars

“This Means War”, directed by McG, was a very visually pleasing movie—and I’m not talking about the cinematography.
The film’s stars are British hunk Tom Hardy, who plays Tuck, the beautiful blue-eyed Chris Pine, who plays Frank (nicknamed FDR) and the ever-so adorable Reese Witherspoon, who plays Lauren. The stunning cast is what reeled me into seeing this action/comedy/romance.

“It started out corny but it got better as it went on,” said audience member Frank Befera.

The plot was quite simple: two men fighting over the same girl. The lovable twist: the men are best friends and also some of the CIA’s top spies. This leads to a cliched yet entertaining arms race to see which man will out-romance the other when it comes to winning over the leading lady.

The film featured high action scenes like a hostage scenario, a car chase and fighting men in suits to fluffy dates complete with cheesy lines that made the audience giddy (not to mention a few steamy sex scenes, also making the audience blush).

The men use their spy skills to sabotage each other’s dates, which got quite a few laughs out of the audience.

In the end, you find yourself falling in love right alongside with Lauren, making it difficult for the audience to choose between the sweet and thoughtful Tuck or the sassy goofball that is FDR.

Witherspoon is not alone in this battle of choosing the best man; her raunchy best friend Trish (played by the even raunchier Chelsea Handler) guides her with advice that may not be the best, but certainly is the most amusing.

In some cases, some might prefer the bromance over the romance due to the playful on-screen chemistry between Hardy and Pine.

“I was rooting for Captain Kirk,” said Befera in reference to Pine’s role in the recent rendition of the Star Trek franchise.

As for myself, it was Hardy’s charming character that won me over. However, everyone wins at the cheesy ending of this action flick for chicks.

Although it was nothing Oscar-worthy or life-changing, it was light-hearted and entertaining enough to leave you with a smile.