App of the Week: Eden

Were you a fan of Minecraft? Well here’s a new, basic, but still highly addictive version. Eden – World Builder is exactly as the name describes; it’s a game where the objective is to build your own world. Though it is odd that this game has no rules or purpose, it allows you to stretch creativity.

You can build forts, castles, trees, bushes and all other sorts of things, but they are in the shape of blocks. You can create or destroy; both change the landscape of your world. The blocks vary in color, with textures of wood, shrubs, crystal and stone. To increase interest the game is in zero gravity, so yes, you can build a castle in mid-air.

There even is a TNT block that you can use to create destruction and underground tunnels. You have the basic controls of walking and looking at every angle and jumping, but there are also a variety of tools to build, such as a hammer to break apart blocks or fire to fuel the TNT block. You can also use the fire tool on the flammable objects such as the shrubs, or wood.

The graphics in Eden – World Builder are quite poor, but believe it or not this was done on purpose. The controls, such as jump and destroy, tend to stick out compared to the rest of the app. Looking past the graphics, the game is still quite interesting and entertaining. Who can resist an unlimited supply of blocks to create any world desired?

Eden – World Builder is like a mobile version of LEGOs, attracting those who enjoy using their creativity. Granted, the graphics are not the best; but if you want to pass time by using your imagination, this app is the perfect way.