App of the week: Jimmy Fallon’s Wake up call

Ever wondered what it was like to be woken up by Jimmy Fallon? Being the first late night host to have an app, Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has released a new iPhone app called Jimmy Fallon’s Wake Up Call.

Developed by Sparklefarmer Inc, the app includes settings that are just like a regular alarm clock, such as changing the face of the clock to digital, analog, or flip, and unlike most clocks’ short snooze buttons, Fallon’s app ranges from five to 30 minutes. It also includes a timer and an option to set multiple alarms throughout the week.

However, this is not just any alarm clock, with 10 different ring tones to choose from, when your alarm goes off, the alarm appears as a phone call. Press the answer button and you will get a fake call from Jimmy Fallon telling you to it’s time to wake up.

You have to option to choose between 17 unique messages from Fallon or press a random call button and it’ll automatically choose for you. The “wake up” messages have a variety of options from “Rise and Grind” and “Kaboom” to the creepy “Do What Mom Says.”

Fallon is the most technology savvy out of all of the other late night hosts, with another app released previous to this one. It includes episodes, photos, and skits from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Even a few of his jokes from his show include mock apps, such as the “Axl Rose Relaxation,” which is Fallon imitating the Guns N’ Roses lead singer, singing “calm” music.

Available for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, this app is just a mere $0.99 and will certainly be a distinctive way to wake up in the morning.