No to Obama re-election

President Barack Obama’s leadership style approval rating dropped to an all-time low for the third straight month in August 2010, he hasn’t recovered yet. Although Obama made more than an effort to keep his promises, it seems more American citizens have become disillusioned with his presidential leadership style and policies.Yes, President Obama keeps his promises, seems eloquent and even inspiring during speeches, and even connects well with the “Web 2.0 Generation,” but the fact is that President Obama is weak on national defense. Other heads of state in places like China, Russia, and of course Iran don’t seem to take him seriously. One of the reasons for this weak National Defense is that since the Chinese hold so much American debt they seem to think they are holding all the cards and don’t have to deal with the current administration, and I don’t blame them. If you owed more than $ 14.3 trillion to anyone, do you really think they would take you seriously? Come on.President Obama’s incapability to keep his promise to curtail the activities of special interest groups in Washington is just another reason to not re-elect him. And may I just add the fact that Obama seems to be content with symbolic victories rather than substantial changes. For example, the health care reform bill has been heralded by proponents as a historical document because Obama and his Democrat majority in congress were able to pass the nation’s first universal health care bill.They declared the same for their economic stimulus packages and their Wall Street financial reform bill. Even the members of the media who supported Obama in 2008 believe that these packages do not go far enough. But none of that even matters to Obama; he just wants to symbolically show that he kept his campaign promise…tsk tsk.

Besides Obama’s conniving ways, he has this willingness to take the unpopular side of controversial issues. I’m starting to think the guy has no idea that picking the unpopular side of issues can only work against him. One example: his stance on the proposed mosque in lower Manhattan, New York. Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want a mosque opened at Ground Zero, President Obama has rightfully stated that America is about freedom of religion, and Muslims should be able to open a mosque wherever they want. While he may be correct in terms of the U.S. Constitution, it’s an unpopular stance on a highly emotional issue.

And lastly, the most important reason why we should not re-elect President Obama is that at least thus far he has not had much of an impact on the job market. Perhaps his stimulus packages have saved and or created public sector jobs, but his impact on the private sector has been nil. People continue to feel the financial crunch, and at least for the moment they do not see any relief in sight. Granted, he inherited a financial mess that dates back to Reaganomics, but if President Obama cannot move the economy in a substantial way in the next two years, then he deserves to be replaced.