More noise than joy

“Joyful Noise” features a gospel choir whose goal is to win a competition to help a small town in Georgia. Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah) is named the leader of the Divinity Church choir, which affects G.G. Sparrow (Dolly Parton), another member of the choir who wanted the same position. After a couple feuds, the two women pair together to put both their unique styles into the choir.There are several side stories in the movie alongside the competition. Sparrow’s grandson, Randy (Jeremy Jordan) takes part in helping out the choir when he takes fancy to Hill’s daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer). Randy gets into some trouble with Olivia, taking a turn on Olivia’s godly home life. The battle between Olivia, Randy, and Vi heightens when Olivia starts to disrespect her mother.

There are a handful of skeptics that do not think Queen Latifah and country singer Dolly Parton mesh well together in a movie. Others would disagree.

“I came to see this only for a friend, and it actually ended up being an okay movie. Parton and Latifah can work well together,” said Kalyn Glover.

Overheard in many conversations, Queen Latifah appears to be the reason why many went to go see Joyful Noise this past weekend. “I love her [Latifah] and the powerful roles she plays in most movies. If she can play her role as well as she did in Hairspray, then I will definitely check it out,” said Cathie Williams.

According to Greg Barton, who works at the Cobb Theatre downtown, there have not been many seats sold for the movie this past weekend. “I’m not sure if it’s going to be a top-seller,” stated Barton.

The film demonstrates morals of Christianity as well as the difficulties of achieving goals. Joyful Noise adds a bit of comedy to all the drama revolving the film.

Fandango’s critics say it’s a “so-so” film, while others say it’s a movie you should see. This weekend, Joyful Noise made about $11.3 million, scoring below “Beauty and the Beast” and “Contraband,” which did not impress Warner Brothers.