Orlando Alive

Here in Orlando, there’s not really any musical talent that has blown up out of the city. Many people only think on Miami or even Tallahassee when they talk about musical talent. However, at Orlando Alive, you can see that the city is full of talent ready for the big time.

“There’s so much talent here,” said local artist Amanda S. “It makes no sense why big time a&r’s (artist and repertoire, responsible for scouting) aren’t in attendance.”
Orlando Alive is a monthly forum for local artists, held at the Social in downtown Orlando. From hip-hop, to r&b, to country, all types of genres were welcomed and able to share their music with the people in the crowd. There were some people they’re promoting their clothing line as well as a man and his wife promoting their artwork.

Hosted by local rapper, Prote-J, the event is a platform designed to get artists noticed and for them to develop a buzz among the city. Local artist Kiddzzy Kidd was in attendance ready to perform. “Orlando Alive is a great place for artists to keep our skills sharp while gaining a small cult following, as long as you kill it,” he said.

Between the times that one artist leaves stage and another enters the stage, the host constantly promotes for the other talents, like art and fashion. The equal time that is allowed for everything to be talked about gives off a sense of fairness and respect that is required to keep people coming back.

The event also gives off a feeling of companionship as everyone shows support and gives off positive reinforcement so that everyone feels good about his or her music or artwork. That’s not to say that people sugarcoat their feelings, but the talent level is high.

“Although I feel like I’m one of the best artists in Orlando, everyone here is on the same level,” said local artist, Jet. “No one was whack and I want to work with everyone that performed”. When it comes to talent in Florida, Orlando Alive is making sure that you never forget to mention the City Beautiful. “Our city is filled with so much talent, If you’re not checking for talent here then you must be asleep,” said Amanda S.