New Student Enrollment Report Shows Growth, Hispanic Students Now 45 Percent of Student Body


Flags read “Valencia College” and “Together At Last” along a campus road.

Valencia College kicked off the 2023 spring semester on a high note as a new student enrollment report shows an increase compared to Spring 2022 term. The college’s Board of Trustees meeting was held on Valencia’s East Campus on Jan. 19. Student Affairs’ Spring 2023 Enrollment Report highlighted an increase of 3.3% from last year and a full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment incline of 4.7%.

According to the report, returning students hold 72% of this semester’s enrollment rates and an increase of 16.8% in First-Time-In-College students (FTIC). Majority of enrollment has been online with an overall rate of over 50%, with East Campus taking the lead in on-site enrollment. However, Valencia College administration is hopeful these numbers will continue to grow as in-person attendance for all campuses has shown an overall increase of over 40% from last year.

Overall, Spring 2022 term reported 40,339 students enrolled, with FTE students at 11,605. This year’s term enrollment reports 41,652 overall and FTE at 12,156. Valencia President Dr. Kathleen Plinske spoke at the Board of Trustees meeting and shared the fall 2022 commencement was a success with approximately 1,500 graduates in attendance.

More data from Valencia College shows the Hispanic student demographics continue to grow. About 45% of students enrolled are of Hispanic descent; an increase from last year’s 42%. Valencia’s Osceola County campus enrollment leads at 16%, while Orange County’s Hispanic student enrollment is at a 7% increase.

Total remaining demographics include 25% for Caucasian students, 17% for African American students, and 13% for all other ethnicities.

Enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic had shown a decline but concerns were laid to rest with all campuses resuming classes in-person, mixed mode, and continuing with online enrollment options. In-person graduation commencements will continue in 2023. Student engagement and club participation are reflecting positive growth. Valencia College is progressing at full steam.