Spring Term Student Podcasts Discuss Movies, Manatee Mortality on Valencia College Radio

Jeremy Gottschalk, Editor-In-Chief

Professor Claudine Tomlinson-Burney

Valencia College Radio
hosts Spring 2021-2022 Mass Media Communications 2126C Radio and Podcasting student submissions for their group finals. Valencia College Radio features a medley of podcast and radio performers from Valencia students, faculty and community members. A complete schedule of Valencia College radio shows are available here.

MMC 2126C is a course available on Valencia’s East Campus facilitated by Professor Claudine Tomlinson-Burney. Tomlinson-Burney is the”Ital Vibez” live radio show host, featuring music and culture of the Caribbean Islands and airing on Valencia College Radio. According to the Valencia College catalogue, the MMC2126C course explores the study and practical application of writing, production, and performance for audio storytelling. Students will create live and pre-recorded news, promotions, and episodic content for podcasts and radio shows.

Student group We’re Only Fans presented “The Latest and Greatest in New Films” featuring Amanda Maldonado, Flavia Souza , and Andres Sifontes. Conversations included the Oscar Slap, awards, and recent movies deserving recognition for their production, editing, makeup, and performances. Guest speaker Film Department Professor Mike Kuzenka spoke on what makes a movie “good”, outlining success of films from factors such as timeliness, setting yourself apart in storytelling and personal favorite movie “Glory”(1989).  The group wrapped up with their favorite movies of the last year.

VNV Group created podcast “Expiration Date” featuring Vinay Mistry, Olivia Schneider, Nadlee Woods. The group covered anatomy of the endangered Florida manatee, habitat and environmental challenges being faced by the species. Those challenges include the unusual mortality event of 2021 in which over 1,000 manatee deaths were reported. The student hosts talked with manatee aid initiatives about strategies, rescue and conservation efforts.

The podcast episodes will continue in the scheduled rotation on Valencia College Radio.