Autumn Waltz, a Short Film

Bianca Morales

A car is driving up a hill, a man sits behind the wheel as his wife trembles beside him. They barely reached the town limits when a group of men stops them in their tracks.

A classical arrangement plays in the background as the scene overflows into bizarre imagery, sadistic dialogue, and ironically revolving of circumstances.

I found myself needing to breathe and realized that I had been sitting close to the edge of my seat. The theatre hall quieted down with heavy suspense.

The wardrobe fit the film, and the style reminded me of Tarsem Singh. However, the turning point in cinematography was the set design. It is decayed and raw as if most of it had been destroyed by a catastrophe. The atmosphere was dependent on the setting.

This is a film will definitely make you remember it the next time you buy somebody a drink.