Hamilton: An American Musical Comes to Orlando

Nicole Marsden

Hamilton: An American Musical is coming to Orlando with a residence at the Dr. Phillips Center’s Walt Disney Theater from January 22nd to February 10th.

The Broadway musical, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, premiered at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York with the original cast in 2015. It won eleven Tony’s and has since then has traveled to over 40 cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans.

“Hamilton is a ‘big brand’ show that many recognize from media accounts. Even if they do not know what it is or regularly attend theater, they are drawn to it by its name recognition alone,” said John DiDonna, Valencia College’s theater director.  “When that gets people in seats to see theater, it is a good thing. When people go to one show they enjoy, then they go to more in the future. It is a good thing we have it in Orlando and Tampa,” said DiDonna.

Hamilton also has a vast cultural impact because the show continues to spark interest in colonial-American history to young adults all over the nation due to Miranda’s contemporary take on historical storytelling.

Tickets can be bought on the Dr. Phillips Website, although the musical’s soundtrack is readily available online.