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Valencia Students Share What Happens to Their Halloween Candy


The sound of doorbells echos throughout the neighborhood as children repeat the same phrase — “trick-or-treat!”  As Halloween comes to pass, Valencia students reminiscence on what they do with their stash of candy:

“I’d either eat it if none of the kids came and got it, or I bring it to school and give it out to my friends. Sometimes, I’ll make goodie bags if I’m bringing it to school,” 19-year-old Nursing major Marisol Sanchez said.

“I’m not much of a candy eater, so I would get a whole bucket and it would probably last until next Halloween. Then I’m like, ‘I’m throwing this away because it’s not good anymore,’” said 18-year-old Film major Kane Lingle.

“My dad mostly eats a lot of it. Not all at once. It’s more overtime like over the rest of the year,” said Anthony Anibarro, 19-year-old undeclared major.

“For certain candies, like most chocolate candies, I don’t usually eat them, so I’ll probably give them away.  But if they’re like gummies, then I’ll eat them,” social work major Yasmin Hill-Sukie said.

“At the time I was pretty young.  If I could pace myself eating candy then I’d try, but it’s hard to say whether I could or not,” said Mitchell Larscheid, a 21-year-old undeclared major.

“Well we haven’t been having that many trick-or-treaters lately so I just eat candy for myself.  Nobody else is going to eat the candy, so I might as well eat it.  I’ll just buy a lot of candy that I like,” said Karina Hodge, a General Studies major.

“I have brothers and we ended up mixing it all together.  Because I was older, I always got the least amount of candy but it would last a good six months.  We would eat all of it, and I have two cavities because of it,” 18-year-old Film major Kevin Aviles said.

“When we were little, we had a jack-o’-lantern that we’d put the candy in.  Eventually when my mom got tired of seeing them, she’d put them away into plastic bags.  From there the candy would just sit in the bag for me until I’d be like ‘well, there’s no more Reese’s peanut butter cups left,’ and just throw it away,” said Aviles.

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated every year on October 31st.

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