Kali Uchis Concert: It Was All a Dream

Elizabeth Masibay

Colombian-American singer, Kali Uchis, and Mexican-American singer, Cuco, performed at The Beacham Tuesday, October 2, 2018. Kali performed a sold-out show for her debut album, Isolation. It’s clear that Kali has a big influence on her fans, given that they all came dressed in her style consisting of funky patterned clothing, pastel colors, and sunglasses.

Cuco opened the show with his hit songs like, “Summertime Hightime,” “Amor de Siempre,” and “Lucy.” He even pulled out his trumpet for “Lo Que Siento.” His dream pop sound had everyone in a trance. The multi-colored lights beamed off the spinning disco ball of the ceiling.

When it was time for Uchis to come on, the stage turned red and a white spotlight shined on a curvy figure dancing behind a curtain. She danced her way from behind the curtain and opened with her song “Dead to Me.” The entire show, Kali swayed her hips and shimmied from one side of the stage to the other. The audience went wild when she performed her hit singles like “Tyrant,” “Nuestro Planeta,” and “After the Storm.” Kali even took it back to the days of her mixtape, performing “Loner,” “Speed,” “Call Me,” and closed with “Rush.”

Entertainment Management major, Jazmin Silva, 20, said, “Kali is someone who is grounded. She truly cares about her fans and her roots. Kali takes care of her own people by going directly to Colombia and asking them what they need. She’ll do the utmost to help make their life easier. Artists who stay grounded will always have sold out shows which shows she will be around for a long time.”

Overall, the concert brought exposure to new and upcoming Latin American artists. Muchas gracias, Kali Uchis y Cuco!