By Brittany Gil
[email protected]

In a war of television between the United Kingdom and the United States, there isn’t any doubt that Americans enjoy the UK’s dicey entertainment, but why is the US entertainment industry more censored?

“UK TV is usually more tolerant and realistic than the American television because it doesn’t have all those lawsuits and legislation to hang over their necks,” said UK native Jakob Bagley.

Our television might be risky enough to Americans, but it’s the quality that isn’t worth the while,” Raymond Bauder, an American, said. “ It seems like TV in America is going more and more into reality TV which, I think is a load of crap.”

The US over the years has remade shows that started in the UK, such as “Skins,” “The Office,” and the HBO series “Shameless,” but people still prefer the UK versions.

“I’d rather watch the UK versions of ‘Skins’ or ‘The Office,’” said Samantha Ulrich, who lived in the UK for three years and recently moved back stateside. “Not because it’s risky or shows more nude scene, but because I feel as if it has more feeling and emotions and they aren’t afraid to show something that might stir up a political or religious problem.”