Students Flock to East Campus Club Rush

Nader Ismail & Diego Rojas

On Thursday 27 clubs and their highest ranking members took on crowds of curious students at Valencia’s latest Club Rush on East Campus. The local Student Government Association organizes and schedules the event every semester as a part of Welcome Back Week, a time for students to prepare for another four months at school, showcasing clubs and other ways to have a good time.

Joshua Gwynn, Vice President of SGA on East Campus, helps organize the biannual Club Rush. “This is probably the biggest way that students learn about a club’s existence. Any club is allowed to ask to join in, and we will absolutely (give) you a table”, said Gwynn.

This latest Club Rush isn’t as large as the Fall 2016 Club Rush. Despite that, Gwynn and his team still needed to pack 27 clubs into 22 booth spaces. In order to allow room for all of the organizations, some clubs were paired together under one booth. The Gay+Straight Alliance and the Feminist Association of Valencia East were combined and the Valencia Future Educators and Muslim Ambassadors of Peace also shared the same booth space. For many students, it was one-stop shopping.

“I went to the Muslim association, the Business association, the Christian association, Veteran’s affairs, Pop Culture, and Feminism,” said Kyle Anderson.

Anderson claimed to have originally gone booth-hopping because he was hungry, each club handed out tickets which could be exchanged for sandwiches and Italian ice. However, in having those conversations, he was able to fully digest and understand their mission statements.

Club Rush takes place on Thursday during every Welcome Back Week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on East Campus. Similar events organized by SGA on all Valencia College campuses can be found as they are scheduled at