RNC 2016: Day 4 Preview


Bryce Brimhall

Donald Trump enters the Quicken Loans Arena on the first day of the Republican National Convention.

The Republican National Convention has reached its final day in Cleveland, Ohio, with Donald Trump set to be the main event in Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night.

Trump will formally accept the GOP nomination, and deliver the final speech of the RNC. Daughter Ivanka Trump will continue the family theme of the week, introducing her father during the “Make America One Again” theme of the night.

With such an unconventional politician at the helm, this years RNC has not been a normal one. The Republican Party at times has been viewed as not fully united and supportive of the polarizing figure that is Trump.

Thursday night is an opportunity for Trump to put some confidence not only in his detractors, but also in the Republicans that are weary of his platform.