LIVE BLOG: UCF vs Furman (Week 3)


Bryce Brimhall / Valencia Voice

Bo Schneider is expected to make his first collegiate start on Saturday against Furman.

The UCF Knights take on FCS opponent Furman at Bright House Networks Stadium on Saturday at 6 p.m.

UCF (0-2) is looking for their first win of the season a week after losing starting quarterback Justin Holman to a hand injury.

Bo Schneider should get the start under center for the Knights, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tyler Harris make an appearance at quarterback.

Fourth Quarter:

Heading down to the field for the final minutes of the game, follow me on Twitter for more updates, @Danny_Morales_

8:27 – Furman will be forced to punt and UCF will get the ball trailing 16-15.

10:04 – UCF is called for defensive pass interference, Furman gets a first down at their own 33-yard line.

12:10 – Jon Croft Hollingsworth hits a 55-yard filed goal and gives Furman a 16-15 lead over UCF.

13:40 – Furman gets another first down and they have 1st and goal at the UCF 42.

Third Quarter:

0:00 – UCF leads Furman 15-13 going into the final quarter of regulation.

0:11 – UCF’s kickoff goes out of bounds and Furman will start the drive from their own 35-yard line.

0:11 – Wright hits a 24-yard field goal to give UCF a 15-13 lead.

0:16 – Harris goes for the end zone but his receiver catches it out of bounds, UCF will send out the kick team for a field goal.

1:44 – Harris hits his receiver for another first down, UCF has 1st and goal from the nine.

2:40 – C.J. Jones with an 18-yard rush for a first down. UCF threatening to retake the lead.

4:15 – Chris Johnson returns the kick and UCF will start the drive from their 38.

4:45 – Furman goes three and out and will be forced to punt it away.

5:50 – Tyler Harris throws an interception right at the Furman defender and the Paladins have the ball leading 13-12.

5:58 – UCF goes three and out but a flag is thrown for defensive pass interference and the Knights will get a first down.

8:28 – Furman starts their drive at their 14-yard line after a UCF punt.

10:24 – Furman takes a 13-12 lead with a 61-yard touchdown pass. UCF are now trailing an FCS opponent.

11:01 – Furman gets a first down to move the chains. 1st and 10 at their own 39-yard line.

11:18 – UCF is forced to punt again and Furman will get the ball back trailing 12-7.

11:37 – Tyler Harris is now in the game at quarterback for UCF.

15:00 – Furman starts the second half with the ball from the 25-yard line.

HALFTIME: UCF leads Furman 12-7 going into the locker room. The Knights have 157 yards of total offense and 57 of those yards came from Nick Patti on the ground.

Second Quarter:

0:38 – Furman calls a fair catch and they will start the drive from their 18 trailing 12-7.

0:44 – UCF goes three and out and will be forced to punt it away.

1:10 – Furman gets a rushing touchdown from Ernie Cain, cutting the UCF lead to 12-7.

2:31 – Furman have first and goal from the four as they look to make this a one score game.

3:40 – Furman gets a long first down on a half back pass, they are now at the UCF 35.

3:56 – Furman gets the first down after a review and the Paladins have a 1st and 10 from their own 37.

4:08 – Nick Patti tries going up the middle on fourth down but Furman comes up with the stop and it will be they’re ball on the 25.

5:09 – The play is reversed and UCF will keep the ball.

4:58 – Furman picks up a fumble and return it all the way back for a touchdown, the play will be reviewed to see if the UCF runner was down before the fumble.

5:54 – Chris Johnson returns the Furman punt to the Paladins 34-yard line.

8:00 – Schneider’s pass is intercepted at the Furman 17-yard line and the Paladins have the ball.

9:06 – UCF sacks the Furman quarterback and the referee calls it a safety, UCF leads 12-0 and will get the ball.

9:11 – UCF moved the chains a few times but the drive stalls and they are forced to punt. Furman ball on the 10-yard line.

12:16 – Furman is forced to punt and UCF will start the drive from their own 25-yard line, Knights lead 10-0.

13:07 – UCF’s kickoff goes through the end zone and Furman will start the drive from their 25.

13:07 – Matt Wright hits a 24-yard field goal to give UCF a 10-0 lead over Furman.

First Quarter:

0:00 – UCF has 1st and goal from the Furman nine-yard line after the Paladins fumbled the kickoff.

1:45 – Patti rushed for 39 yards on six carries on that scoring drive for UCF.

1:45 – Nick Patti runs it in from the Wild Knights package and UCF leads 7-0.

2:10 – Schneider hits Jordan Franks for a first down, also Franks’ first career reception.

3:29 – Jordan Akins just went into the locker room on the back of a gold cart. Still no word on his injury or his return.

3:44 – The play is overturned and UCF will have 3rd and 5 from the Furman 39.

3:44 – Nick Patti is intercepted and Furman returns it to the UCF 39-yard line, but the play will be reviewed, it looks like the ball hit the ground first.

6:03 – Nick Patti runs up the middle on a keeper out of the Wild Knights and UCF has a first down at their own 45.

7:43 – Furman punts it away and UCF will start the drive from their 16-yard line.

8:35 – Akins is sitting on the trainers table, looks like it could be something with his right leg.

9:55 – Furman gets a 27-yard rush by Luke Triston for a big first down.

10:30 – Furman gets a first down and the Paladins are moving the ball against the Knights.

11:56 – UCF punts it away and Furman will start their drive from the 17-yard line.

13:30 – Taj McGowan started the game by getting three straight carries.

14:53 – Furman kicks it off and Jordan Akins returns it to the 30 but he is down and being tended to by staff.


Furman won the toss and deferred to the second half, UCF will receive to start the game.