Tamar Braxton brings TV to reality with ‘Love and War Tour’


Ty Wright

Tamar Braxton performs at the “Love and War Tour” at the House of Blues, in Orlando, Florida, on May 18 2014. (Ty Wright / Valencia Voice)

LAKE BUENA VISTA ー What better way to end the week then with a packed grown and sexy party.

“We are at the BBQ right?” asked DJ Slym, host of the event, as he warmed up the House of Blues crowd Sunday night for the “Love and War Tour.”

DJ Slym, the official Dj for Orlando rapper Caskey, entertained the crowd for nearly 45-minutes before Tamar Braxton hit the stage. With an extensive Dj mix, that blended an array of old school jams with new class ratchet club bangers, he kept the mainly “25 and older” crowd dancing ー whether it be shuffling, the electric slide and of course twerking.

Mrs. Braxton would carry that energy right over into the first song of her performance. Following the curtain opening, the audience was welcomed by a choreographed dance session by the singers animated backing staff, to go along with a rotating video reel displaying highlights from the singer’s reality TV shows. The woman of the hour would be revealed as uptempo track “She Did That” would come to an end, and the screen would reach its back with her waiting patiently on it.

“What’s up Tamartian fans?” Braxton shouted during uptempo banger “The One,” of her Grammy Nominated album “Love and War,” before breaking into a “Single Ladies” like dance with female dancers to “Tip Toe.”

The youngest of the Braxton sisters told us earlier in the week that she only has one project in which she would perform songs off, so how would the flamboyant artist keep the crowd engaged and remain original was a big question for me going into the night.

Not three-songs into the set, Mrs. Braxton would answer that question. Her being herself was the best source of entertainment you could from the artist.

“You’re not going to like me for me, so I’m just going to be fabulous and you are just going to have to eat it,” stated the artist in one of her neck-rolling, wig-flinging, lip-smacking, in your face, over-the-top, keeping it “100” commentary sessions. Everything one would expect from a diva.

While the 37-year-old artist did not disappoint on the vocal side of the performance — and songs like “White Candle,” “Pieces” and “Stay and Fight” helped showed her range and draw great amount of applause from the audience — it was her presentation leading up to each song which really seem to connect with her Tamartian fans.

For a good session of the show, Mrs. Braxton sat on a bar stool and walked everyone through the story of how her and her husband,”Teddy Ruxpin,” got to where they are now, bringing WE tv’s “Tamar and Vince” to front stage. From teaching women how to get, keep and please a man; to encouraging everyone to follow their dreams; as well as a quick twerk lesson during “Hot Sugar,” Mrs. Braxton provided not only an entertaining musical experience but also life-changing advice.

Prior to getting into the Tamartian national anthem “Love and War,” Mrs Braxton would channel her inner “Yeezus,” in a long-winded speech where she would go on to thank thank acts John Legend and R. Kelly (who she has toured with in the past) for giving her the opportunity to shine. “They helped make my dreams come true! So tonight, on this stage, I’m going to make your dreams come true,” said the singer before she hand picked four Tamartians to help her close out the night.

From multiple outfit changes, “Chippendales”-esque strip tease during intermission, and outrageously witty commentary, Tamar Braxton’s first national headlining tour solidifies that the she is truly entertaining and what we see from her on TV is truly who she is. However, it does leave speculation on whether this tour is to promote Tamar’s other business endeavors or give “Love and War,” the album, one last push. Incorporating no live band, DJ, or backing singers to give the songs a new feel, the diva is relying solely on the things that got her to this point to succeed. And that’s her sass, amazing voice and willingness to say say what ever comes to her mind without holding back.

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