Q&A: Juicy J speaks trippy truth


Juicy J performs at the ‘Never Sober Tour’ at the Firestone Live in Orlando, Fla. on Feb. 21, 2014. (Ty Wright / Valencia Voice)

Juicy J brought his ‘Never Sober Tour’ to Orlando a weeks back to play a show at Firestone Live.

We caught up with the him after the show to discuss future ventures, retiring, Pimp C, and much more.

Ty Wright: What did you think of the Orlando crowd?

Juicy J: I love the Orlando crowd. I should say the Orlando cloud, because it was so damn hot in there. It was great. I loved the fans; they showed love and knew the words to every song. I f*** with yall, I should live down here.

Ty: You stated during the show that sometimes you think about retiring. Is there an age you have in mind, and what causes those feeling?

JJ: I say a lot of times: ‘I think about retiring,’ because this business is so stressful and sometimes it takes you to a point where you don’t want to do this sh*t no more. I mean, I really don’t have to do this but I keep at it because I got love for the fans and the love for the music. I been had bread so I ain’t really worried about the money.

I really love the fans. I appreciate everyone who come out to the shows and helping sell them out. I’m not going to retire; it’s just sometimes I feel like that because it’s so stressful.

(Photos of Juicy J)

Ty: What’s coming up for you in 2014?

JJ: A lot of things are in the secret right now but I’m in the works to present a ton of stuff. Pretty soon you can expect to see me in films. I’m not gong to give up, I’m a true hustler.

Ty: With your father being a preacher, did that ever affect your career choices?

JJ: It’s all good, he is why I’m here today. My dad taught me everything: how to hustle, how to be a man, how to get a bank account, to pay my taxes, and other stuff like that. He the reason why I’m on this big ass tour bus and on the road still doing it after 20 years.

Ty: What’s the situation regarding the production of your next album.

JJ: I’m still producing my self, with Crazy Mike and one of my new producers Lil’ Arie. We got a production team who is making crazy beats and are just out here hustling.

Ty: You will be putting some of your production talents to work on the upcoming Pimp C project, what was your favorite movement with him?

JJ: When I made ‘Sippin On Some Syrup” with Pimp C, that was the best moment — plus the song was a smash hit. Pimp C was a great guy. He always spoke his mind and was always turned up. He really loved music — was super talented —and could not only make beats but also whole songs.

All around the dude was a great type of guy. Rest in peace Pimp C; UGK for life. Them my brothers right there.

(Taken from March 26, 2014 issue)