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Playing a god

By Maraya Figueroa
[email protected]

They are small, vulnerable, and can be controlled by just your finger tips. Some people go mad with power with the little world they now control.

What is it? It’s one of the most downloaded Apple game apps for iPod, iPhone, iPad and is now available on Facebook. It’s the first of its kind to become a comic book and now a new release is set for April 12.

“Pocket God” has an app for its new comic series that began last year. It now has 6 issues and is ready to reveal a volume one containing 100 pages of pure pygmy madness. For those who don’t know what “Pocket God” is about, it’s a game that features six character pygmies that you can control.

Others have not yet explored the comic book side of “Pocket God” and remain loyal to its original start.

“The game is really fun and a great waste of time” said Kevin Lipowski.

The comic book explores the background stories of each pygmy and allows readers to hear what they think about the world they are living in; the one controlled by the player.

You are basically their creator, destroyer, and giver. You can choose to kill them off, play mini games, or see what happens when you put them in various situations. The comic book series is quite popular and tends to remain on the iTunes top downloaded apps, as well as the original “Pocket God.”

The app graphics are clear, crisp, and easy on the eyes. It would be best to view the comic on an iPad because the comic book is shown in one entire page as opposed to one scene at a time. For those who do not own an iPad perhaps the paperback comic series may be a wiser choice.

“It would be better if I had an iPad because I bought issues for my iPod and it’s a bit of a hassle to zoom in and see them every time. I was able to find a few paperbacks on Amazon and I love them!” said Christy Gunderson.

You can visit your local book store or comic book store to obtain a copy. Online releases may vary.

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