Orlando’s new team is “getting down”

By Rofkens Petit-Homme
[email protected]

In today’s diverse musical market, much has been repeated, but that is not the case for Orlando’s own Team Prolific.

With a constructed studio space, dripping with wall-to-wall sound proofing and paintings of esteemed musical icons like Jimi Hendrix, Team Prolific spoke of how they produce their music.

“We all sharpen our blade together; it’s the same sword that is swung by everybody,” “Zin O.D.” McDade expressed.

McDade is the youngest of Team Prolific. The other members are “Neme” Saddler and James “Mr. Flamez” Collier, and producer Izaiah “Daywalker” Demarco.

Demarco explained his task for the group: “I kind of come up with all of these crazy creations, blending all the sounds that they really like.”

The group began while attending classes at Lake Brantley High School. Officially they noticed each other during the passing periods exchanging rhymes during hip hop freestyle cyphers.

They began to have sessions in recording studios while in high school. In the beginning Saddler was the producer of the music. Collier recounts the story, “He used to skip school, go in his room to sample and listen to records.”

Team Prolific is focused on creating music and not just a foundation for entertainment. They want listeners to relate and gravitate towards their sound, which is influenced by their lives.

“Everything is a good time even when it is not, we can turn a bowl of pennies into gold,” McDade said.

An established sense of energy emits from Team Prolific when listening to their single “Getting Down” which was released in November of last year; this is a true product of their work ethic.

“We live out our name in our music, everything we do is prolific,” Saddler said, reciting the group stamp, “It is an abundance of classic works, and we own that nobody else is bringing this sound so we have to do it.”

Heavy marketing is also a key aspect for these artists: social media, blog sites, mix tape CDs; staying on the musical circuit they refuse to stick to one platform and wait for results.

Club 57 West, Winter Haven, UCF, UF, and Miami are a few of the places that the group has preformed.

“We pretty much did a whirlwind through the city from the amount of years we’ve been doing this,” Collier said, laying out the map of performances.

A little talk from the producer Demarco always keeps the gentlemen effective and efficient, “My records are not ‘beats,’ they are compositions, and they are rapping towards them.”

A question that comes to mind is, what category can Team Prolific be placed under?

“You can’t classify it. This is that new golden era hip hop, it only fits in our lane,” McDade said. “When people start duplicating it then you can duplicate it.”

The Team has dropped a music video to the single ‘Getting Down’ which can be seen on http://www.youtube.com, with more information at their Website http://www.teamprolific.com.