Orlando loves Anime


Shaiheem James / Valencia Voice

Orlando Anime was a two day event where people came to express their devotion to anime.

Orlando Anime Day was a two-day event that felt like home for those willing to express their love for anime.

“People come here to buy anime related items, trade video games and have a good time,” said John Domingues.

People from different backgrounds and cultures come together to celebrate and share their common love, anime.

Several stations were set up for fun  exciting entertainment, such as video games, art, clothing and much more.

“You get to be strange which is accepted and wanted because nobody cares if you act diffrently,” Megan Ross said during the event. ”We do not judge anyone.”

There were people dressed up as marvel’s very own Deadpool and there were a couple of people expressing their love for DC’s Joker.

“It’s a lot of fun and excitement, getting to play some games and hang out,” said John Michael.

A video room was available with a series of different anime shows playing all throughout the day.

Kids and adults really went all out with dressing up and fitting the role of the character they were trying to portray.

Anime fans vary far and wide, it’s more than just a venue to express yourself, it’s a movement.